make oral examinations fun for pediatric patients and medical professionals

A clever solution to a common medical dilemma

Most pediatric professionals agree that oral examinations � and the dreaded tongue depressor � inspire fright and panic in young patients. FunDepressors minimize patients' fear, stress and the resulting resistance that practitioners must contend with. And since less distress for patients means less time and effort for caregivers, FunDepressors improve the examination experience for everyone!


An exam tool, interactive vehicle and memorable reward

More than a functional exam tool, FunDepressors facilitate interaction between doctors and patients without slowing down the process. FunDepressors' irresistible patterns and colors capture patients' attention, reduce thoughts of fear and discomfort, and encourage positive associations with caregivers. FunDepressors also serve as a relevant and satisfying giveaway reward for cooperative patients.


Functional, fun and 100% safe

Identical in size and feel to ordinary Junior-size tongue depressors, FunDepressors are printed with nontoxic FDA-compliant inks. Further testing by an independent laboratory ensures that FunDepressors are free of lead and other harmful elements.


Kid-tested designs that deliver consistent results  

Nearly 150 designs were tested on children ranging in age from one through 14, and the 10 most popular designs are included in each FunDepressors Variety Pack. From dinosaurs to dump trucks, hearts to happy faces and soccer balls to swirls, FunDepressors' vivid designs turn frowns into smiles in examination rooms at hospitals, clinics and private practices.


Reinforces positive association with medical practitioners

FunDepressors give young patients reason to be cheerful as well as something to look forward to at future visits to the doctor or hospital. Used regularly, FunDepressors can be the cornerstone of a consistently positive experience between patients and their caregivers.

A distinctive promotional premium for any audience

Make a memorable impression on your target audiences with custom printed tongue depressors or existing FunDepressors designs packed in giveaway boxes printed to your specifications. They're perfect for trade shows and conferences, sales calls, mailings and on-site events.